La Spirotechnique

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La Spirotechnique is an old company from France which makes scuba gear, scuba sets and other breathing apparati. Back in 1946, La Spirotechnique launched the "CG45", the first modern regulator to be commercialized. 1946 marks the start when scuba diving became popularized by "regular people" and the CG45 later came to be known as the Aqua-lung; a word coined by none other than the legendary Jacques Cousteau.

Connection to watches? As a way to offer more instruments, La Spirotechnique commissioned several different watch brands to make watches with their logo on the dial. Triton, Doxa, Squale and Tag are some of these brands. They also created a watch for the French military scuba divers.

This patch measures 75mm in diameter.

All of our patches have an iron on glue attached on the back.
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