No Radiation

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Never seen this logo before? You should have. 

Found on the most respected and well known military watch around the world - The Blancpain FiftyFathoms. 

The history reveals a long and successful cooperation between Blancpain and the French military. Making a watch with high water resistance, robust protected crown systems, automatic winding, black dials with clear luminescent markings, uni-directional rotating bezels with timing markings and antimagnetic protection.

As the luminescent markings used in the military specifications were highly radioactive, such as Promethium 147, the watch was not suitable for civil use. 

To demark civilian watches, that of course used no radioactive products of any kind, Blancpain seized the idea of a special dial legend. Using the universal symbol for radioactivity, the three semi-triangles arrayed around a circle, Blancpain indicated the absence of such products by using the red strike through the symbol and placed this legend in a prominent place, above 6 o’clock on the dial.

This patch is measuring 75mm in diameter. 

All of our patches have an iron on glue attached on the back. 
Please notice that we do not take responsibility for any damaging of fabric while applying it to your clothes. 
We also recommend you to sew the edges on to the underlaying material in order to properly secure it at your clothes.